Mom’s Search for Meaning


Mom’s Search for Meaning:
Grief and Growth After Child Loss
by Melissa M. Monroe

“Libraries and readers will find this memoir, more than others, opens floodgates of emotional responses and discussion points that ideally will attract book clubs, recovery groups, and psychology participants in a dialogue about motherhood, grief, validation, and support systems, and, most of all, that ‘thing with wings,’ hope.”

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review


Paralyzed by guilt, grief, and PTSD after her 2-year-old daughter Alice died in her sleep of unknown causes, acupuncturist Melissa Monroe determined not to become a victim in the story of her life. While taking the advice she had given to many grief and trauma patients throughout the years, hoping she could create a meaningful life without closure, she took notes throughout her healing process.

Struggling to advance her timeline beyond that of her daughter’s – and still eager to be the keeper of Alice’s stories – Melissa began to write about Alice’s life and the impact of her death. She became her own lab rat, trying various approaches to healing with the hope that her experience might be helpful to others stuck in a trauma time loop.

As much a study of trauma’s effect on time perception as it is an intimate view into the heart and mind of a bereaved mother, “Mom’s Search for Meaning” shows us that meaning resides in the search itself … with a spoonful of gallows humor to help the medicine go down.

More Praise:

“…This memoir offers insights and hope for healing after the unimaginable.” – Candace Cahill, author of Goodbye Again

“You have never read anything like this before.” – Jo Kaur, founder of Riaan Research Initiative

“This is mom-loss Shakespeare.” – Teresa Strasser, author of Making It Home: Life Lesson From a Season of Little League and Exploiting My Baby: Because It’s Exploiting Me

“I will never stop thinking about this book. And I am so glad.” – Liz Friedlander, film and television director

“Melissa’s book provides powerful testimony to our vulnerable, complicated and inspirational ability to heal.” – Kim Cookson, Psy.D

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