Navigating Difficult Emotions with Yoga and Acupuncture

I invite you to join us Sunday, September 30th from 4-6 PM at Radha Yoga in West Adams for a very special event. In this workshop we will:


  • open with a short meditation
  • identify in writing the difficult emotion(s) with which you are struggling (you may share, or not, no pressure either way)
  • move through an one-hour yoga portion (ALL LEVELS WELCOME from absolute beginners to advanced students)
  • continue with auricular acupuncture as you enjoy the shavasana and meditation portion
  • conclude by identifying your emotional state at the end of the workshop and writing down three things for which you are grateful

The goal is to observe, without judgment, how you move through difficult emotions and to observe how these emotions transform when you address them head on and move through them. As we learn about ourselves and our reactions, we can better steer ourselves through difficult times. This is a practice I have used through the tragedy in my life; I strongly feel it made all the difference. I have observed others do this as well.
We cannot avoid difficult times for an entire lifetime, but we can learn how to better navigate those times so that they do not end up consuming our entire lifetime. 

If this speaks to you, I hope to see on the 30th; you can register in the link here. Just click on the link, and once you are on the scheduling page, click on the 30th on the calendar. It will walk you through from there.

To your health,